GRAVITY is a natural physiological system. It is designed to decompress the body, and restore its natural alignment, unlocking its own potential for repair and performance.
GRAVITY uses your own bodyweight to trigger, compress, and relax tight muscles in the neck, spine and pelvis. This has a domino effect, releasing tension throughout the body, from your head to your toes. Pain and tightness is relieved, allowing your body to position itself correctly.
The interactive surface is a uniquely designed sphere system. The varying height and density of each sphere stimulates receptors in the
tissues, dispersing tension held in the spine and throughout the body.
The cradle supports the neck, and the keystone is positioned at the bottom of the spine, under the sacrum. The spine is comfortably suspended allowing the effects of bodyweight, breathing, and gravity to decompress the neck and pelvis.
Spending 20 minutes each day on GRAVITY provides serious relief for back and neck pain. It also promotes postural re-education, recovery from injury, enhanced sports performance, levels of energy and vitality. It is relaxing to use, making it excellent for stress management, and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing.
The head must be aligned over the spine, like a golf ball on a tee peg. Various systems and reflexes exist to keep your head over your body and enable you to look around you whilst you walk. For this to occur, the head needs to be stable and correctly aligned like a golf ball on a tee peg. Some structures become compressed, and others stretched by abnormal postures. GRAVITY helps realign your head over your body, unwinding the build up of postural strains applied through the body each day. 
GRAVITY ensures correct postural alignment, maximising the body’s potential for enhanced performance. The system has helped climbers facing the demands of an Everest ascent.
GRAVITY It is also in use by those who work or live in physically and mentally demanding environments, such as soldiers and pilots. Not just a cure to existing symptoms, using GRAVITY ensures ongoing maintenance of the body, so that problems don’t develop.
Awkward posture for prolonged periods results in compression, weakening stabilising muscles. The neck becomes less able to move freely, and this loss of movement is compensated in the rest of the spine. GRAVITY keystones help unlock the top and bottom of the spine releasing tension in the whole body. This affects the sensory information received by the brain, leading to issues with balance, headaches, vision and hearing. Poor posture increases the risk of injury to soft tissues. The body is under stress, leading to physical, emotional, and mental health issues.
Using GRAVITY helps manage pain and stress all around the body. Your back and neck are the obvious places, but your hands, arms, legs and feet are all connected, and muscle tension spreads as one area compensates for deficiencies in another.
The sympathetic fight or flight mechanism is designed to protect us by rapidly preparing our body to respond in extreme situations. Once the threat is removed, the body’s functions should return to normal.
The device can be used on any firm, flat surface. Position the keystone under the pelvis, and the cradle in the curve of the neck.
No batteries, no charger, no fuss.

Using GRAVITY couldn’t be simpler

Aim to set aside 20 minutes and try to find a space where you won’t be disturbed, and which is as quiet as possible. Switch your phone off, and wear clothing you will be comfortable in.

A floor with a carpet or rug on it is an ideal surface for a GRAVITY session, but anywhere will do.

Lie face up on the floor in a comfortable position.  You can position either the keystone device or the neck cradle first. Here we're going to start with the neck cradle. 

Pick the cradle up and position in front of you it so you can see the word GRAVITY the right way up.  Place it behind your head and neck and move it around a little to get comfortable. Take some time to do this, so that it sits just right.

Now take the keystone and find the word ‘top’ written on one side of it. Lift your pelvis up, position the keystone on the sacral area of the lower back, and lower your back down gently onto the keystone.

Many people find that a pillow positioned under the knees provides additional comfort.  You can use whatever kind of support works for you, a folded cushion is also ideal.

Breathe gently and allow yourself to relax on to the GRAVITY device. If you feel at any time that you need to adjust the position of either the neck cradle or keystone, it's important for you to do so.

Regular use of the GRAVITY device will allow to you to become familiar with how it feels, and also what time of day gives you the best results.

The exact position of the GRAVITY device is less important than your comfort, so play around with what feels good to you.

The neck and head cradle may feel strange at first, but after the first few times you will find the approach that will allow you to relax down into the GRAVITY and achieve a deep sense of relaxation.

Again, don't be frightened of moving it around to find exactly the right place for you.

At the end  of your session, remove the cushion from under your knees if you've been using one. Gently slide the keystone and neck cradle out from under your back and neck. Again it doesn't matter which you do first.

Turn slowly onto your side sit up and wait for a few seconds, breathing deeply, before carefully coming up to standing. If you feel any dizziness or lightheadedness, wait until this passes before standing up.

Having some water ready for after your session is also a good idea.  Regular sessions on GRAVITY will give your head and back the perfect reset.

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Cost: £79.00