Effortlessly installs on to your incoming water pipe to harmonize the energetic structure of the water to your whole home or building. The memonizerWATER is identical in function, only designed to install directly onto stop cock valves. These systems are implemented to allow not only your cooking and drinking water to be harmonized, but also your bathing a shower water as well. It comes in four standard sizes that accommodate houses up to 500 square meters in surface area and can be custom built for larger properties. The memonizerWATER is designed to very simply install near the water stop cock or on the incoming cold water pipe of your home or building. The memonizerFLATWATER is designed for the case where you cannot access the pipe itself but can access a wall protruding stop cock valve (or a shower/bath tap if using in a hotel) From here your entire home or building water supply is harmonized (or simply your bathing water if used in a hotel), with an expected working life of twenty years. The memonizerWATER and FLATWATER come in four standard sizes: Single - covers up to 100 square meters of total home flooring area. Standard - covers up to 200 square meters of total home flooring area. Standard A - covers up to 350 square meters of total home flooring area. Standard B - covers up to 500 square meters of total home flooring area. These sizes assume an average use of electrical energy over a one year period. For example, if you fill a pool or have heavy garden use, this can raise your consumption value and so affect the size you will require for your home. If you are not sure, or if your property is larger than the standard sizes given above, please contact your water provider for your yearly consumption value and then send this information to us The memonizerWATER and memonizerFLATWATER requires some consultation to ensure that you have the correct size and that it can be installed correctly in your home. This involves knowing: If known, your total water consumption for one year (easily obtainable from your water provider) The total flooring size of your home or building (which includes all floor areas added together) Whether you can gain access to your incoming water pipe, or what shape your stop cock valve is (in the case of the memonizerFLATWATER). To find out what size you will need and to receive full up to date pricing for the unit appropriate for your home, please contact us To see a short demonstration of the unit, please click here:
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Cost: £676.00