The memonizerSUN installs on the inverter of your solar panel arrangement. From here, the electrical current from the panels is completely harmonized. This unit is designed to work in addition to the memonizerCOMBI Specifications The memonizerSUN is designed to install on each inverter of your solar panel system. The inverter is the unit which converts the DC electrical energy from the solar panels into household AC electricity. For regular homes, you will normally find there is only one inverter. But for large properties and industrial buildings, more than one inverter is quite common. Please note that this system is intended to work alongside the memonizerCOMBI in order to harmonize both your normal home or building AC power, which comes to you from your electrical provider, and the independent power from your solar panels. Otherwise you will only have partial cover. If you are unsure about your inverter configuration or how many memonizerSUN nits you will need, please contact us for a demonstration of this unity please watch here:
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Cost: £336.00