This unit is an essential add on unit to the memonizerCOMBI home system if you have under floor water based heating. Otherwise it is an excellent option to supplement your harmonized environment by taking care of your central heating system. It is designed to effortlessly install onto the incoming pipe of your under floor, or central heating system. Specifications The memonizerHEATING is designed as a necessary supplement to the memonizerCOMBI if you have water based under floor heating, but is not necessary if your under floor heating is electrical. The memonizerHEATING is designed to remove the characteristics (of water based under floor heating) that would otherwise interfere with the stable operation of the memonizerCOMBI, for the levels on which the under floor heating is used, so as to allow your home to be properly harmonized. In addition to this, it can also be used in conjunction with your water based central heating system to both enhance your harmonized space and to greatly reduce, and in some cases remove, lime scale build up in your pipe system. The images below show the results of lime scale deposits before and after the application of memon technology. In the first case, normal lime scale deposits are ragged edged clusters that easily clot. In the second image, after memon treatment, the same clusters are smooth pebble like shapes that are difficult to clot: The memonizerHEATING is available in four standard sizes. In the case of central heating systems that run over all floors, the total areas show here must include all floor areas where the heating is used added together. In the case of under floor heating, only the floor areas in which the under floor heating is used needs to be considered. Please contact us for more information if your required are of coverage if more than 500 square meters, as custom built units can easily be assembled for your property. Single - covers up to 100 square meters of total home flooring area. Standard - covers up to 200 square meters of total home flooring area. Standard A - covers up to 350 square meters of total home flooring area. Standard B - covers up to 500 square meters of total home flooring area. The memonizerHEATING requires some consultation to ensure that you have the correct size and that it can be installed correctly in your home. This involves knowing: If you can gain access to the return pipe of your water based under floor heating or central heating system The total flooring area of your home or building over which the under floor heating or central heating system is used. To find out what size of memonizerHEATING you will need and up to date pricing, contact us For a demonstration of the unit, see here:
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Cost: £519.00