The memonizerCAR is designed for all automobiles, from regular cars to arctic lorries and mobile homes. It has exactly the same protective functions as the memonizerCOMBI (home system), which allows your automobile to have the same harmonized space as your home. Specifications The memonizerCAR comes in 4 different sizes to accommodate varying vehicle sizes and electrical usage. In each case, the memonizerCAR is installed either directly onto the utility battery of the car, or the steering wheel stem. Both hybrid and full electric cars have a separate utility battery, in addition to the cars main drive battery pack, which runs the simple electronics and in car electrical systems. If you are unsure where this is in your car, please contact your car manufacturer. Small - suitable for regular cars and motorcycles. Medium - Minibus, caravan, camper, tractor Bus - For Bus, truck, Camper and liners >20ft E - Car - suitable for full electric cars, (such as the Tesla model S), hybrid cars as well as lorries and fixed mobile homes <20ft. The functions and harmonizing properties of the memonizerCAR are identical to the memonizerCOMBI home system in that it provides: Removal of pathogenic information's from emissions originating from outside Removal of pathogenic informations from interferences originating from all equipment inside your car or mobile home Removal of pathogenic information's from geopathic disturbances Creation of a natural abundance of negative ions in the interior to greatly reduce the presence of heavy, through to fine, particles in your breathing air Please ensure you select the correct price for size when purchasing, more expensive = larger vehicle For a demonstration on installation please watch here:
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Cost: £289.00