The memonizerBODY is for when you are out and about in the world. Designed to optimally work with the memonizerCOMBI home system, this unit can be worn around your wrist or ankle. Though this is not a protective class of memonizer, like the home or car systems etc. its purpose is to instead support and inform the body of how to better learn to deal with pathogenic information's when exposed to them. The memonizerBODY is designed for when you leave the home environment protected by the memonizerCOMBI. Though this unit is not designed to perform like the home system, by protecting you from pathogenic information's, it is intended to help teach and support your body to better learn how to deal with pathogenic informations when exposed to them. It comes as a two part system A skin friendly silicone strap The metal holder. Both these parts are active with the memon function. Replacement straps can be purchased in case of accidental tear or damage. It can be warn either on your wrist or ankle as you prefer and has an expected working life of 5 years before needing to be replaced. You can wear this unit in the shower or while swimming. To make sure this unit lasts its duration, please remember to clean the strap, preferably weekly with luke warm water (a small bottle of talc is supplied with the unit to help remove difficult deposits). To watch a demonstration of the memonBody see here:
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Cost: £86.00