The memonizerPOOL installs on outgoing pipe from your pools pumping equipment, allowing you to swim in fresh, soft, vibrant and harmonized water. It comes in four standard sizes that accommodate houses up to 500 square meters in surface area and can be custom built for larger properties. The memonizerPOOL is designed to very simply install on the out going pipe from your pool pumps, which feed water back to your pool. From here, it has an expected working life of twenty years and is intended to remove all pathogenic information from your pool water. Depending on factors such as how strong your pumping equipment is and whether it is running continuously etc., use of the memonizerPOOL can allow for the complete absence of any cleaning chemicals in your pool. The memonizerPOOL is available in four standard sizes for different pool volumes: Single - covers up to 10 cubic meters of total pool volume. Standard - covers up to 40 cubic meters of total pool volume. Standard A - covers up to 80 cubic meters of total pool volume. Standard B - covers up to 160 cubic meters of total pool volume. Please contact us for sizing and current price information on the pool units. For a demonstration on the units please see here:
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Cost: £774.00