Sinus Programme

The 90-day Sinus Programme can help keep the sinuses working well. It contains three herbal products plus a comprehensive explanatory pamphlet. It includes a unique Herbal Snuff in month one, which is enough for the three months of the full programme. (Months 2 and 3 substitute Power Garlic which is great for mucous. The 90-day programme cost includes 10% discount compared to the individual packs. The Sinus Programme has been designed to give thorough support to the sinuses and upper respiratory areas. The Sin/All Capsules are based on Dr Christopher's formula for the sinus areas; the Anti-Cat Capsules are a formula of Ayurvedic origin given by Michael Tierra. The Herbal Snuff contains bayberry, eucalyptus, golden seal, cayenne. When 'snuffed' up the nose, this herbal mixture can help keep the sinuses clear and comfortable. One tub of Herbal Snuff should last the 90 days of the course so, in months 2 and 3, Power Garlic Capsules take its place. Garlic can be beneficial for keeping catarrh in balance. Combined with a healthy diet and good exercise and relaxation regime, this programme can help the sinuses stay balanced and comfortable. In the diet, foods thought to cause catarrh in some people include; dairy foods (milk cheese), wheat, oranges and flour products including bread; so you might like to avoid these foods or reduce them. Why use the Sinus Programme? The bones of the front of the skull, around the nose, are quite large. If they were solid bone, they would be heavy, so evolution has made them hollow. The cavities - the sinuses - are lined with mucous membranes, and they have a drain hole to drain away any excess mucous. Two situations can arise; firstly, the mucous membranes can produce excessive mucous, perhaps because of sensitivity to certain foods (cheese, milk, wheat appear to be the main culprits) and secondly, this sensitivity can cause inflamed tissues which can impinge on the drain hole, impeding the drainage of mucous through the - relatively small - hole. The ideal approach is to keep the sinuses working well and this is where the Sinus Programme can be beneficial. Take the herbs from the first pack every day, using the Herbal Snuff 3 times a day to help keep the sinuses clear. You only need a small pinch of the snuff each time, so one pot should last you the 90 days of the programme. In months 2 and 3, Herbal Snuff is substituted with Power Garlic Capsules, garlic being recognised by herbalists to help balance catarrh in the body. HELP YOUR SINUSES
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Cost: £191.91