Lung Programme

A unique 90-day programme, containing 3 products plus a comprehensive explanatory pamphlet, to help maintain the function of the lungs and bronchial areas. Can be sent and charged for monthly (to help spread the cost); or the whole programme (three 30-day packs) can be sent together if you prefer. The 90-day programme cost includes 10% discount compared to the 30-day pack. The Lung Programme has been designed to give thorough support to the lungs and bronchial areas. The accompanying pamphlet advises you on how to get the most out of this holistic programme through use of herbs, diet, exercise, and other relevant lifestyle suggestions. Lu Capsules include herbs long used in the English tradition, including elecampane, golden rod and thyme, as well as those from other traditions, such as pau d'arco (immune system) from Brazil and aniseed, cinnamon and black pepper from Ayurveda. These herbs combine to make a formula which is very supportive for lungs and bronchial areas. Garlic is a wonderful herb for helping the lungs breathe more easily and helping mucous levels. Our Power Garlic Capsules are particularly beneficial as they have good strength while the odour is controlled at a low level by a patented method. Lu Tea completes the programme, further helping to support the lungs, including hyssop, comfrey and marshmallow leaf. Taken for 3 months in this programme, these herbs can help to keep your lungs and bronchial areas working well. In conjunction with healthy diet and a good exercise and relaxation regime this programme. Why use the Lung Programme? Every cell in the body needs oxygen for its survival. Nearly every process involves oxygen in one way or another. Very many processes in the body result in carbon dioxide being produced as a waste product, which needs excreting from the body. The lungs are the prime organ dealing with taking oxygen in, and excreting carbon dioxide. One way we can help preserve lung health is through deep breathing. Breathing exercises from the yoga tradition are designed to do this and, also, regular exercise encourages us to use more of our lung capacity. In fact, most of us use less than half of our lung capacity. Simply by learning to breathe from the lower abdomen rather than from the top of the chest, we will be increasing our lung efficiency thereby increasing oxygenation of the blood and improving our health. This is just a matter of practising abdominal breathing persistently until it becomes unconscious. These exercises are especially important for asthma sufferers. (Start off gently and build up.) On top of such exercises, the Lung Programme can be a great help to keeping the lungs and bronchial areas working well, so helping to preserve good health in the long term. We recommend carrying out the Lung Programme every one or two years to help keep the lungs healthy. LOOK AFTER YOUR LUNGS!
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Cost: £62.13