Detox Programme

Detox, including diet and exercise, is believed by naturopaths to be good for everyone. Here is a unique Detox Programme, containing 4 detox products plus a comprehensive explanatory pamphlet concerning diet, exercise, and other measures. The 90-day Detox Programme cost includes 10% discount compared to the 30-day pack. Well-used herbal formula to help the colon, liver kidneys. These formulae, in much the same combinations, have been used by Specialist Herbal Supplies for 25 years. In addition to the main formulations, the Detox Diet Programme contains Detox Tea, our unique combination of herbs to help detox which you take daily. Advice on a healthy diet, while following the programme. Diets for detox vary greatly. Diets which emphasise protein or which last 3 or 5 days are, in our view, of limited value by themselves. We recommend a gentle gradual detox diet based on sound naturopathic principles, and lasting 30, 60 or 90 days. This detox diet approach is explained thoroughly in the pamphlet accompanying the Detox Diet Programme. You cannot over-estimate the value of restricting your diet to foods and drinks which promote detox. Do this gently and progressively and we show you how and you will maximize your detox safely over programme. A comprehensive pamphlet explaining the herbs and detailing the dietary recommendations we make. Every cell in the body produces toxins as a by-product of its natural activity. To stay healthy the body must either convert these toxins into harmless substances or eliminate them from the body as quickly as possible. Diet is very important to help these processes; the purpose of all detox diets is to support these processes. Additional, highly poisonous toxins have been shown to be produced in the colon (large intestine) when waste matter is retained in the body for too long. To avoid this, it is vital that waste matter is excreted in a timely way. Again, the importance of detox diets eg as relates to fibre intake. The aim of the Specialist Herbal Supplies Detox Diet Programme is to help the body to deal effectively with toxins by combining herbs with a detox diet. It benefits the whole body, PLUS by including herbal products which can help support specific organs of the body, it further increases the support provided by the dietary changes you make. These herbs help the following vital detox organs The liver the organ which converts toxic into non-toxic substances. The formula we use here is Liv Capsules or Drops. The kidneys, a major organ of elimination. We use Kid Capsules or Drops for this purpose. The colon, or large intestine, the other major organ of elimination, where a reasonable passage time of waste matter must also be maintained to ensure good health. We include Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops for this purpose. After finishing the Detox Diet Programme, many people report feeling refreshed when waking up in the morning, good stamina levels, and a general feeling of lightness and cleanliness.
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Cost: £85.57