Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm Tea, Slippery Elm Capsules and Slippery Elm Plus Slippery elm bark is a unique and wonderful aid for both the stomach and the small and large intestines. Slippery elm bark is made by collecting the inner bark of an American variety of elm tree and powdering it. It was discovered by the American Indian population - on of many herbs found by them, including echinaceas and black cohosh. Slippery elm tea, or the powder itself in capsules, are brilliant for the throat, stomach and the whole gut. It's mucilaginous quality helps it to cling to these ares, and it's soothing and relaxing nature means that the body benefits from the slippery elm being applied to it. We have had many customers who have been delighted with the benefits of this great herb - and many of them use it regularly to maintain good health of, for example, the colon. In our view, this can definitely help keep that area relaxed and healthy. Slippery elm tea or capsules appear to help the stomach to stay relaxed and calm following a meal. Of course other measures need to be taken - you should not eat food which does not agree with you. You should chew your food thoroughly. You should not rush your meals. You should stop eating before you are full - to give your food room to digest. If all this is done, the slippery elm tea or capsules will be another great help to add. Slippery Elm Tea Slippery Elm Tea Slippery Elm Powder makes a great tea.If you can, do use the Slippery Elm Tea. We think you get greatest benefit from the slippery elm taken this way. It also has the advantage of being the cheapest way to take the herb too! However, some don't like to make or drink the tea, and this is where you can still benefit from Slippery Elm by taking the capsules. Slippery Elm is a very safe herb, and often used by children or the elderly. It is very nutritious and we have never heared of any side effect being reported at any time. So you can rely on Slippery Elm being a great aid, and a safe one. Slippery Elm tastes quite neutral. An 80 gramme tub of additive-free Slippery Elm Tea is very reasonable in cost - as you need only a small amount per serving. Take Slippery Elm Tea daily - or even three or even four times a day if you wish. Slippery Elm CapsulesSlippery Elm Capsules These are also a great way to take Slippery Elm. As mentioned, we think the Tea is the best way to take it, Capsules are useful either for convenience - or if the tea does not suit your taste.. Slippery Elm Plus Capsules Slippery Elm Plus Capsules help the Stomach in particular. They have a small amount of a few extra herbs in them - cloves, cinnamon, peppermint - to help the stomach stay calm and comfortable. You can take 1, 2 or even 3 Slippery Elm Plus Capsules with each meal.
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