Traditional Thai Massage

Different Types of Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage This is a unique form of therapy used to relax, rejuvenate the body and reinvigorate the mind. Over two thousand years ago the Buddhists in Thailand developed skilled massage and body manipulation techniques that help to balance the energies of the body by stimulating natural energy lines (meridians) and pressure points. Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage Traditional Thai head, neck and shoulder massage is a great way to relax and relive stress and tension. Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy This type of massage therapy focuses on deep stretching and acupressure points for the relief of more than 50 minor ailments, such as: muscle sprains, tennis elbow, stiff neck, back pain, fatigue, stiffness and nervous tension. It also helps to make muscles, joints and tendons more supple and is helpful in preventing the atrophy (wasting away) of muscles in elderly people who are unable to exercise. Thai Oil Massage This type of massage is extremely relaxing. It tends to be a little softer than Traditional Thai Massage. The powerful soothing properties of the oils relax body and mind, reduce fatigue and clear out toxins. The massage focuses on the meridians and pressure points, stimulating the flow of vital energy. Steamed Herbal Ball Massage A unique form of therapy using a hot herbal compress with skilled massage and body manipulation techniques that help to balance the energies of the body. Very good for muscle and joint pain.

How is Thai Massage Done?

The massage may be done with the palm of the hand, the thumb, the elbow, or the feet, depending on the depth of pressure required. The practitioner moves in a highly skilled way, using their body weight rather than mere strength, enabling them to apply whatever pressure the client needs. The massage is to the energy point on the body, thus releasing the trapped energy in your body, so that it may flow wherever it needs to heal you. The practitioner also applies stretching movements to relax, energise and open up your body. These movements are not exercises; you remain passive while the stretches are done for you. Each session is modified to specifically suit the needs of the client; longer sessions can be arranged on request. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for your massage.

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