Old Pain 2 Go

Old Pain 2 Go is Offered at the Centre by:

Clarissa Woodcock

International Consulting Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Mentor to Hypnotherapists

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  • Could I bring the old pain back?
  • Does it work & How Often Do I Need a Treatment
  • I have a deteriorating condition, how will it work on that?
  • I have a lifelong condition, will the pain go?
  • I have put up with this pain for many years, how can it go in just minutes?
  • Is it Safe?
  • Is this a Pain Management Technique & Does it Work on Any Pain
  • What reasons or circumstances will stop it from working?
  • Why does my pain get worse and require more strong pain relief?

We will instruct you on use of language and internal thoughts. When we keep looking for the pain we have lost it could convince your unconscious to give you pain again. Also, our exaggerations can intensify pain or make it seem too much of a problem to remove. Take the phrase "this pain is killing me" and you can see that is never true but will affect how you feel.

Yes in most cases with a client who is positively wanting to be pain free. This is a once only treatment for that old pain. It works by deleting the old pain message therefore it cannot return, just as a deleted answer phone message cannot be played again.

It works well on deteriorating conditions. You are likely to have regular assessments to review the problem area. OldPain2Go would act like pressing the fire alarm reset button. We are aware of the old fire and can reset the alarm to stop ringing whilst resetting it to tell us of new danger.

Yes, the old pain message has done its job and alerted you and the medical profession to the problem. That old message can be deleted, and new pain arrive as is needed to alert you to a new problem.

The longer you have had the pain the more likely it is that it no longer serves a purpose - you are aware of it - nothing can be done (medically) and your doctor prescribes pain relief. These are all signs that the old pain message is redundant. All that is required is for us to convince your unconscious of it

Yes totally. It works by the same internally processing of your unconscious that keeps you alive, runs your heart, your lungs and every other cell in your body. We just make it aware of the pain being more of a problem than helping you. Your unconscious then makes the best choice for you

No, pain management is about ongoing effort and rarely leaves you free of pain. It works regardless of the original cause.

Providing you are of sound mind and rational - not under the influence of mind altering drugs and alcohol, it should work - except where there is more reason to keep the pain than to lose it. Whilst you will gain a better quality of life from being pain free there are things you may also lose, such as; state benefits, sympathy, help, support, and reasons to not go to places - or do things you don't want. Whilst consciously you may deny that any of these influences you, it is your unconscious that decides on the balance of pain or pain free. The simple test is to answer this question out loud, "Do you want to be free of this pain?" If your answer is a solid and loud yes, then it will most likely work for you. If you hesitated or thought of reasons then it might not work. However, your practitioner may be able to help you with that, please bring this to their notice. It is most important you are honest and open with them.

When pain is first triggered it forms a neural pathway in your brain that fades quickly if the pain is short term. However, if the pain continues it builds up an increasingly stronger neural connection almost like a neural motorway. This is the same way we learn to run things automatically, unfortunately we are learning the wrong thing. Pain does not have an end date stamped on it, and it "forgets" to turn off.