Why is your Lymphatic System so important?

Why is your Lymphatic System so important?

The lymphatic system is a network of nodes and vessels throughout the body and acts like a drainage and clean up system.  The fluid in the system, called lymph, contains white blood cells which can release antibodies in response to invaders such as viruses and bacteria and clear up dead, dying and abnormal cells.  In this way, your lymphatic system works with your immune system to protect your body against disease and other invaders.

Lymphatic health is also related to good digestion. Undigested proteins can collect in the ducts of your lymphatic system, which lines your entire intestinal tract.  When the lymph around the intestinal tract gets congested, your intestinal tract can swell, making you feel bloated. Clogging up the lymphatic system in this way can affect it’s ability to circulate and to clean up the body.

It was thought that there were no lymphatic vessels in the brain, however brain lymphatics, called glymphatics, were discovered by the University of Virginia about two or three years ago.  They drain pounds of toxic chemicals and plaque out of your brain every year while you sleep.  Congested brain lymph has been linked to anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, infection, inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

The lymphatic system is the biggest circulatory system of your body and an important detoxification system so it is essential to keep it moving and flowing.  To improve lymph health, you can use beets, most leafy greens, polyphenol-rich berries such as raspberries, cherries, blueberries, blackcurrants and strawberries, and certain herbs and spices, including turmeric, red root and manjistha.  Eating organic, fresh, natural foods of the right type for you will help to prevent digestive issues from clogging up your lymph.

Movement will also improve lymph flow, so getting enough exercise is important. Dancing, walking, rebounding, and swimming are all good for moving lymph.

To optimize glymphatic flow from the brain, be sure to get enough sleep, as your brain will detoxify during deep sleep.



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