What is Theta Healing?

What is Theta Healing?

Are you suffering from depression or anxiety? Do you feel full of fear or unable to move forward with your life? Would you like to give up the beliefs that hold you back?

Then let us introduce you to Theta Healing!


How it works


Our practitioner Jessika Carrera-Maybury considers Theta Healing to be Subconscious Psychology which works to identify your limiting beliefs...


  • I’m not good enough

  • I’m not safe

  • I’m a failure


...and then change them whilst you are in a Theta State.


Theta is a deep state of relaxation, a state associated with hypnosis and dreaming, where the brain frequencies are slowed to between four and seven cycles per second. Theta brainwaves are our SUBCONSCIOUS. They hold memories and traumas and govern our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.


A typical appointment would involve talking therapy known as digging to get to the root of the issue followed by a deep Theta meditation in which these beliefs are changed.


Jessie first discovered Theta Healing as a client and was amazed at the dramatic and life-changing effects of this amazing healing technique. She had previously had counselling and other forms of therapy but nothing had really worked for her until she discovered Theta Healing.


She knows first-hand how powerful this technique is but wanted to share with you feedback from her clients so you can learn about their experiences of both Theta Healing and working with her as a practitioner.


What Jessie’s clients are saying


I have trained in several healing modalities and had therapy sessions from various healers, and they've all had a positive impact.


However, something 'clicked' when Jessi and I had the first Theta Healing session. Her natural ability to connect and get to the root of the presenting issue made me realise I'd met someone who not only 'knew her stuff' but was using a healing modality that made sense to me.


The sessions revolved around my story of what's going on for me, with Jessi feeling what's going on behind that - the limiting belief. We then clarify what that is by finding the statement that really resonates before going into the process to release that belief and replace it with an empowering one.


Each time we work I know something shifts and I'm letting go of old beliefs, habits and self-limiting behaviours. I wholeheartedly recommended Jessi for anyone who wants to create a change in their life,” by K. Oakley


Theta Healing has undoubtedly made a fast, positive impact on my life. Jessi really takes the time to dig deep into the belief system that lies at your core of your being and shapes the way you interpret the world around you.


She questions these beliefs thoroughly, uncovering deep-rooted trauma and bringing it all to the surface so it can be dealt with and healed in a loving way.


The only way I can describe the Theta meditation itself is, it’s a truly magical experience. Jessi makes you feel safe effortlessly and guides you into the universe where the healing takes place.


Healing is instantaneous and every session reveals more and more trauma that is then released. I cannot describe how much lighter and content I feel after every healing, everything starts to come together and make more sense.


Jessi truly is an angel. I am so, so grateful for the universe bringing her into my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” by C. Whale


If you would like to know more about Theta Healing, feel free to contact Jessie for an informal chat or to book an appointment.



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