Systemic constellations - it makes you think of the stars doesnt it..

Systemic constellations - it makes you think of the stars doesnt it..

Systemic constellations - it makes you think of the stars doesn’t it…..

And we are talking about a map when we look at systemic constellations, but not of the night sky - of your life.

We have added a new string to our bow here at the Centre of Integral Health and we are really pleased to welcome NLP business practitioner, life coach and advanced facilitator of Systemic Constellations Franziska Maria Pretsch to join our team.

So what are Systemic Constellations?

Systemic Constellations are described as a kind of ‘Living map’. It's a unique and creative approach that explores hidden dynamics that might keep you from living in flow with your lives.

The practice is known to touch people on a deep level and heal old wounds, leading to life transformation - and Franziska is the only practitioner working as a Systemic Constellation Advanced Facilitator in the Midlands!

Franziska says:

“It is a methodology used to identify and resolve difficult life issues – in our family, life, health, work, business, or creativity. It connects us with our bodies and lets us feel into our current life situation, what is going on underneath, without only analysing it with our mind.

This approach takes the ‘widest possible view’ as it includes past generations, trans-generational traumas and epigenetic inheritance – as often it is here that the root of the problem actually belongs.”

Unresolved issues

Unresolved issues from the past have long influenced many people and it is those people affected by the past that may wish to have a chat with Franziska.

“If it's left unattended, it can disrupt life flowing forward over generations, each new generation carrying on unconsciously what was left from the previous generation. This can emerge in your life as an illness, lack of energy, emotional difficulties, difficulties in relationships or at work and many more.”

Who is it for?

The practice is for everyone, no matter what age, cultural background or gender. It can be used for many life situations and challenges, including:


  • Cases of conflicts or failure at work

  • Health Issues

  • Exhaustion

  • Stress

  • Addictions

  • Issues in dynamics in a team or organisation

  • Family conflicts and difficulties

  • Blockage in the creative process or artistic difficulties

  • To maintain and improve relationships

  • School problems

You can learn more about Systemic Constellations from our page here

If you'd like to learn more about Fran or to book in with her you can do so via her profile




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