Rejection - the real virus in our lives

Rejection - the real virus in our lives

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid therapy that embraces many positive aspects of hypnosis, hypnotherapy,

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Centre practitioner Marcus Matthew is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and here he explains more about the process….

As a therapist I am aware of an absolute theme which runs through all my client’s stories and to quote my mentor Marisa Peer, most things come down to the following:

  • I’m not good enough

  • I am different

  • That’s not available to me

Negative words are like a virus that plagues our body. So why do we react to the negative – the answer is it’s in our ancestral DNA.

Your mind’s job is to keep you alive, not happy.

Connection and rejection are at the heart of every single issue.

So let’s look at this as an equation.

Rejection and connection =


Thought+Action = Experience

When repeated this process becomes your reality.

The subconscious mind, the most powerful part of your mind drives 95-98% of everything you do and it does this through experiences, these experiences are stories we tell ourselves every day and the feelings we connect to them are the notifiers on how to react to stay alive.

We are hardwired to connect with others so we seek out those similar to us, or we change to fit in.

When our thoughts and feelings are not congruent, our body will fight against that viral experience.

Creating feelings like Anxiety, Stress and Depression. These are not negative feelings they are warnings that you are under attack.

Pills and potions only suppress the invasion, once the viral thoughts and feelings take hold it is often difficult to see through the cloud of doubt and emotional disease or dis-ease.

As this virus runs in the background, very much like a virus on a computer, you may not be even aware of it, this is why we often can’t work out why we feel the way we do.

So imagine the Operating system you use every day is Windows 95, but you want to run programmes in your life that are only compatible with Windows 10.


The programme may not install or it may cause your operating system to crash, if you also have a virus running on the machine it will be slow and using up all the resources you have.

  • Do you know how to debug the operating system on a computer?

  • Do you have the skills to upgrade the Bios on your laptop?

  • How about writing a new Kernel in Linux?

Do you understand what those questions even mean?

If your computer programming was broken, if your PC was running slow, if it had a virus, you would get an expert in.

But you won’t do that for the single most powerful things that control your whole reality, your mind.

During lockdown more people are suffering because their environment has become unfamiliar, people are literally going into survival mode.

This virus is replicated through your thoughts and feelings, so it is far more dangerous than you know.

I believe everyone should live a fulfilled and happy life and by removing those destructive feelings you attach to the stories you tell yourself every day and installing and upgrading those feelings to represent who you are as an adult and not the programming of the inner child, I help you break free and can achieve in one session what most therapists and coaches fail to do in a lifetime.

Marcus Matthews c.RTT c.HYP – Practitioner Centre for Integral Health

You can contact Marcus through his centre profile -

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