Living with Lymphoedema

Living with Lymphoedema

Living with Lymphoedema


Lymphoedema can affect anyone and at any time - it is a distressing, debilitating, long-term condition.


But with early intervention and treatment the condition can be improved, maintained and managed - there is no need to suffer alone!


Mary Warrilow was working as a district nurse when she first encountered a patient with Lymphoedema and she felt she wanted to do more to help those people who were suffering.


She went on to complete specialist training in Lymphoedema management and became a Clinical Nurse Specialist - and, after many years in the NHS, now works with patients here at the Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury.


We had a chat to Mary about one of the patients she worked with who had developed the condition following breast cancer surgery.


“One patient who had undergone breast treatment and was left with a very firm, painful and swollen breast,” she said.


“We discussed therapy options to improve the Lymphoedema and agreed a course of Medical Lymphatic Drainage, which is a specialist form of medical massage.


“Additionally, kinesiotape was used to help lift the breast tissue and help with lymphatic drainage.


“The therapy was really effective and made things much more comfortable for the patient – following a full course of treatment she became pain free, less swollen and able to sleep much better, meaning her quality of life was greatly improved and of course the patient was really delighted with the outcome.”


Mary offers a number of treatments to help reduce the build-up of fluid, including Compression Therapy with bandaging or wraps, or treatment with a compression pump device.


All of the treatments aim to make a patient more comfortable, reduce swelling, help with restricted movement and the appearance of the swelling.


“The benefits can be subtle, or life-changing, walking can improve, clothing can fit better, swelling and pain can be reduced - every case is different, and every person treated individually according to their needs,” adds Mary.


“I know that sometimes it can be difficult for people to make the move into further treatment but I am really approachable and offer a friendly and compassionate service - the sooner treatment begins the better the outcome.


“Lymphoedema may be a long-term condition but with the right diagnosis and treatment it can be improved, and with self-care this improvement can be maintained.”


You can get in touch with Mary here

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