Even Horses Like EMMETT Technique in Shropshire

Even Horses Like EMMETT Technique in Shropshire


Horses Love EMMETT too -


It was, to a great extent, the feedback from Cindy, our New Forest pony, that led me to train in the EMMETT Technique.  After discovering Emmett on the internet, I was so intrigued that I booked the one day EmmTech course so that I could find out what it was all about. I am trained in Kinesiology and was looking for another technique that would work with my existing training and on a more physical level.  I went with an open mind, not knowing quite what to expect, and was surprised at how much difference the technique made even though I didn’t think I had any particular issues.  


After learning and practicing each move, my body felt lighter and freer. As we worked up the body from the feet to the neck and shoulders, each move seemed to bring more surprises. I drove home feeling very centred and grounded and curious to experience more.


However it wasn’t until a few days later that I realised what a profound change I had experienced.   It was a beautiful autumn day and I was riding Cindy, who was really my daughter’s pony.  I had ridden a little as a child and again in my twenties, and had just started riding Cindy but would definitely class my self as a bit of a novice!   Although Cindy seemed very amenable to me riding her, she would often trip when we were trotting.  I realised this was something I was doing as she didn’t do it when my daughter rode.


On this calm, sunny day, as we were trotting along, I noticed how Cindy was so balanced and forward going.  I was thinking how well she was, and how free she felt. Maybe it was the weather?


Then the penny dropped! 


I was moving much more freely, the stiffness in my lower back which had been throwing me forwards, and unbalancing her, was no longer there and Cindy was clearly reflecting the effect of my newly balanced body.   She was obviously very happy with my new self and keen for me to know it felt much easier for her.


https://integralhealthshrewsbury.com/assets/images/gallery/blog-4/horses-love-emmett-technique-1-_thumb.jpgI eagerly practiced what I had learnt on the EmmTech course on friends and family and found it was so effective I went on to train as an Emmett practitioner.  I have completed all the EMMETT modules currently taught in the UK and offer Emmett Technique as a stand alone therapy, and teach the EMMTech course.  I can also integrate EMMETT with Kinesiology to address issues on many different levels. 


Cindy made it clear to me how important it is for people to be balanced but there are also EMMETT for horses practitioners and courses so that the horses can be helped too. You can find out more on the EMMETT UK website at http://www.emmett-uk.com/.


EMMETT is a lovely technique, very kind to the body as well as effective. People have found relief from pain and discomfort, and recovered movement they didn’t realise they had lost!  You don’t need to have any symptoms to benefit - EMMETT can help you feel lighter and brighter, and more relaxed.


It is a technique that is best explained and understood through experience and I would like to offer you the experience of EMMETT so I am offering you the opportunity to have 3 EMMETT sessions at 25% discount. 


So why not give me a call and Step into Spring with a Spring in your Step?


Check out the website for more information or contact me, details below.


Maria Franklin MBPsS KFRP



Tel 07785 791499


EMMETT Technique Advanced Practitioner Level 6,

Kinesiology & Nutrition, Access Bars, Emm-Tech Tutor


Maria Franklin is a registered Kinesiologist, EMMETT Technique practitioner and a member of the British Psychological Society. She is interested in a whole person approach to health.  EMMETT Technique is designed to help the body return to a better state, through allowing muscles to release and rebalance.


Bringing Change to Life


Shrewsbury, Bishops Castle, Presteigne

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