Biological Age Reversal Testing Comes to Integral Health

Biological Age Reversal Testing Comes to Integral Health

More and more research has been looking at how we can effect and change or biological age with understanding of how our DNA can be encouraged to express healthy repair and rejuvenation.

On November 27th we will be holding a special day where you can come and have your biological age tested and receive advice on how to reverse some of the effects of aging through diet, supplementation and healthy lifestyle.

Centre nutritionist Naomi Langford Archer will be carrying out special arterial stiffness testing to determine your biological age ands will then explain the results and what you can do to keep your body younger for longer.

What is Biological Age?
- the active rate at which your body is aging. It is a reflection of your current state of health, life expectancy and future quality of life.

Symptoms of Getting Older?
- poor memory
- decreased libido and sexual satisfaction
- wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity
- poor cardiovascular performance
- weight gain
- high blood pressure
- high cholesterol
- insomnia
- lack of energy
- breathing problems
- angina

What Causes Ageing Symptoms?
- delivery of oxygen becomes less efficient
- cardiovascular or blood delivery system becomes less efficient as we age

Oxygen is the KEY to Anti-Aging
- hemoglobin in the red blood cells is responsible for the transport of more than 98% of oxygen to the body
- lack of oxygen accelerates the ageing process and symptoms

Blood vessels and arteries 'fur up' and get stiffer as we get older reducing the amount of oxygen circulating around our body.

The Biological Age Reversal Therapy measures your arterial stiffness index and provides you with an easy to understand health report and recommendations to reduce your arterial stiffness and biological age.

The cost of the test is £25 (normal rrp £45). It will take a maximum of 30 minutes to carry out. It is a non-invasive, precise and inexpensive test that is endorsed by healthcare professionals including cardiologist consultants to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

To book your half hour slot please contact Naomi via her webpage or check out the facebook event

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