A New Approach to Nutrition in Shrewsbury

A New Approach to Nutrition in Shrewsbury

We are delighted to welcome a new practitioner to the Centre for Integral Health - Lucy Aphramor.

Lucy is a dietitian who believes that no matter how troubled someone’s relationship with food and their body is, compassion, respect and curiosity have something to offer.

The approach, called Well Now, links food and body stories, trauma and nutrition science to help people make sense of their eating.

Statistics from the Beat Eating Disorders website show that approximately 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder. And that around 25% of those affected by an eating disorder are male.

Well Now is suitable for people of any size, gender, health status who want to feel more relaxed about food and confident they are doing the best they can to take care of themselves.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean those with a diagnosed eating disorder. Many people have a problem with food in one way or the other that may not drastically affect their lives on the outside - but may be causing them problems within.

Lucy says: “Those who have spent a lifetime battling unhealthy eating habits find this gentle approach to food and self-care works for them where rules and nutrition facts have failed them every time.

“I work with people with a range of food and body issues including  body shame and weight concerns, eating disorders/troubled eating, IBS, coeliac disease and also with people with mental health difficulties searching for a new approach to looking after themselves.


“Change is possible. It starts with us deciding not to accept the ways things are and working with others to approach things differently.”


To find out more about what Lucy can offer - and whether they can help you - visit https://integralhealthshrewsbury.com/about-us/our-practitioners/lucy-aphramor-1/ or contact Lucy direct on 07789471652.

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