Therapy in the open air

Therapy in the open air

After weeks of social distancing, we know that it will take time before people feel comfortable stepping inside a therapy room.


But many therapies are not confined to a room - and right now it may well be more beneficial for some to be done in the open air.


Which is why we have a number of practitioners running walk and talk sessions starting from the Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury and other locations.


Counsellor Lucy McIvor is one of those offering 1-2-1, face to face, walk and talk sessions.


She said: “For many of us being in nature brings a sense of calm, There have been numerous scientific studies proving that exercise whilst being outside has a huge benefit to our wellbeing.


“Combining this with talking to a trained professional can only enhance this.”


The Government guidelines on social distancing will be maintained throughout the sessions and practitioners will talk through how each session will run before you meet.


Ben Calder, a Life-Force Qigong practitioner has already carried out a number of mindfulness walking sessions.

He says: “Sometimes the best place to explore personal issues is outside in a natural environment, where the energies of nature can be interacted with and used to support and stimulate discussion and transformation.

“By engaging in Mindful Walking practice, we can start to examine how your body feels in this basic everyday motion. What thoughts, feelings and emotions are arising for you as you allow yourself to be as fully present in your body as you can, in that moment.”


Jade Taylor will also be carrying out the 1-2-1 sessions, starting from mid-July. Jade works mainly with children and feels that outdoor sessions will work well in a variety of aspects.


She said: "We all have different experiences of nature and different reasons for wanting to connect with it more – or feeling unsure about whether to try.


“Being able to talk to a counsellor in open space brings a unique experience. giving you the autonomy exploring more organically, choosing if you want to walk, or sit, stop or just be in nature. Being outdoors offers its own unique possibilities and healing quality. I will be offering outdoor counselling for both children and adults. Parents will be able to watch sessions from a distance if they choose.


“I am also offering the opportunity to adults as well."


If you would like to book a session with Lucy, Ben or Jade you can do so on the centre website.

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