The new look at Centre for Integral Health

The new look at Centre for Integral Health

At the writing of this blog, over 10,000 people have visited us at the Centre for Integral Health since we opened in 2013 and for 2019 we decided it was time for a revamp!


Founder Ben Calder met with Jayne Hopwood from Jay Decor to look at new designs and a new look that would meet the needs of those that work, and visit, the centre.


Jayne has run her own interior design and space refurbishment business for 18 years and immediately came up with a plan for the redesign.

Ben explains: “The centre was ready for redecoration, starting to look a little tired as commercial places can with lots of use.


“When discussing this with Jayne, she helped me realise that the centre had originally been decorated very much by me, in my style, when we had fewer practitioners and services, and that it now didn't necessarily reflect the energy and direction of the thriving place it now was.


“We decided that creating a cleaner fresher look that was a little more neutral, less me and more inviting over all would be the right direction to take.”


The plans were drawn and we got to work, and the result has already had a huge impact - for both those working here and those people coming to receive treatments and services.


“There is no doubt that although the changes are quite subtle, they are having a profound effect,” Ben adds.


“The feel of the whole space is quite different, more welcoming and softer, whilst also being cleaner and a little more clinical than it was, without being sterile in feel.


“All of our regular clients and practitioners are so impressed and love the change - it feels nicer to work in and really does give the space a totally new lease of life.”

The addition of mood lighting in the treatment rooms has taken the centre to yet another level as clients are able to have personalised lighting for the treatments they receive and everyone from the massage practitioners to the hypnotherapists have reported they love how it contributes to the whole experience.


We are looking forward to welcoming all of you to the new-look Centre for Integral Health and welcome feedback on its new feel!


To find out more information about what we offer visit our services page or give us a call on 01743 369866

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The Centre for Integral Health was started in 2013 by director Ben Calder after studying Integral theory since 2011 and over 10 years of professional practice of kinesiology and Bowen fascia Release Technique, coupled with the desire to explore the application of the Integral Model in relation to health.

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