New Gravity Posture Support available at Integral Health Shrewsbury

New Gravity Posture Support available at Integral Health Shrewsbury

One of the things we are passionate about at Integral Health is getting people to change their lifestyle behavior for the better. It is fine for us that you come and have treatments with to solve your issues. But what is really nice, is when you recognise how your own behaviors contribute to your problems and you do something about them.

We are really excited to now be an official partner for Gravity Life so that we can supply their Gravity cradle units. These are amazing and simple devices that have been developed by a team in Chester to help combat the Forward Head Posture problem that we have been seeing an increasing amount of since our mobile phone use has increased.

We are not only able to sell you these units now from our WebShop at Integral Health, but we are also doing an INTRODUCTORY OFFER for you when you by it from our shop. You can also use the code Integral at the Gravity Life Website and receive the same discount there as well.


The device is simple, a cradle that holds the neck in position and a keystone that sits under your sacrum. The spine is comfortably suspended allowing the effects of bodyweight, breathing, and gravity to decompress the neck and pelvis.

Spending 20 minutes each day on GRAVITY provides serious relief for back and neck pain. It also promotes postural re-education, recovery from injury, enhanced sports performance, levels of energy and vitality. It is relaxing to use, making it excellent for stress management, and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing.
I've personally been using one of these now since the end of September after being introduced to them at the Bowen Technique Conference, where the College of Bowen Studies made it their first ever product endorsement for the benefits that it offers Bowen clients between sessions. I've been super impressed with how relaxed my whole spine is encouraged to rest and restore, I find it really helpful and deeply relaxing. Which considering that I have been managing a spine issue from a car crash since 2013, with daily Qigong being my best tool for this. The Gravity has made it much easier and less necessary to do daily practice.
Julian Baker, the college's most senior lecturer and the man who brought Bowen Technique to the UK over 20yrs ago says:

        "For nearly thirty years I have been doing Bowen. I firmly believe that Gravity is the most useful, powerful, important yet simple self help tool that has been manufactured to date. Every therapist and client I have shown Gravity to, has been blown away by it."
Bad posture becomes habit. Forward head posture (FHP) is shown to be associated with lots of health issues including higher mortality levels in older people. FHP results in more falls, bigger problems in breathing and even a small FHP is associated with migraines and headaches. The more we hold a position, the better we become at holding that position. FHP can cause fascia in our neck which becomes thickened and we then experience stiffness in the neck and shoulders as this progresses. We can’t release Fascia with our hands very easily at all. Too much pressure would be required and it would hurt. Remember that fascia changes through loading. Therefore, lying on Gravity can help to provide the loading through the fascia of the spine to allow change to take place. It happens gradually and over time (7-14 days), through regular use you will see the benefits.
GRAVITY is used by athletes across a range of disciplines.Peripheral vision is improved, as is the sensory information the brain uses to balance. With greater rotation control, the body turns more efficiently. The system has helped climbers facing the demands of an Everest ascent.
Caroline Kremer, Bowen Therapist and Gravity partner in Hong Kong says this about the device:
“I needed to find my own way of describing Gravity and what it can do. For my personal research I used family and friends, all with different body types and sizes, to understand how it feels for different people. This was important for me so I could speak about the product with authority. I took before and after photos. I had them do neck rotation(s) tests and arm raise tests to find their restrictions and repeated these afterwards. I asked them to find an awareness of where they felt the weight through their feet. And repeated this afterwards. Changes were tangible, visually to me and somatically to them, even after using Gravity for just 10 minutes. 
Bowen and Gravity independently create this freedom of movement in the soft tissue - It is my opinion that together they intensify the recovery and promote faster change, and Gravity gives you a self help system to use at home when a niggle arises, or for when you are just looking for a space to have daily meditation, or relaxation. It allows for 20 minutes of ‘me time’ and that is what research is suggesting we need - 20 mins of mediation a day and Gravity gives you the added bonus of gently adjusting the body at the same time. Win win!"
Using GRAVITY helps manage pain and stress all around the body. Your back and neck are the obvious places, but your hands, arms, legs and feet are all connected, and muscle tension spreads as one area compensates for deficiencies in another.
The sympathetic fight or flight mechanism is designed to protect us by rapidly preparing our body to respond in extreme situations. Once the threat is removed, the body’s functions should return to normal.
If the body operates in that state for an extended time, there is less opportunity for healing and repair. The body becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Using GRAVITY gives the body opportunity to relax in a safe way, accelerating recovery.
I really can't recommend these enough and if you or any of your family are struggling with spinal issues, neck issues, hip issues, you should give this a go and could save yourself thousands in therapists fees.
Remember you can buy these from the Centre's webshop and get a discount on each unit as our special introductory offer. 
We'd love to hear your feedback for how you are getting on with these, so please feel free to email us with any comments on



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