The Eightfold Path - Yoga Philosophy course comes to Integral Health Shrewsbury

The Eightfold Path - Yoga Philosophy course comes to Integral Health Shrewsbury

The Eightfold Path - How to live like a yogi, A five week Yoga Philosophy Course at Centre for Integral Health

Starting on Jan 11th at 6.15pm with Local Yoga Teacher Michelle Terry

We may be able to move like a yogi and breathe like a yogi but how can we take our practice off our mat and in to our daily lives? Join Michelle for a 5 week yoga philosophy course at the Centre for Integral Health as we explore the ancient teachings of the yogic eightfold path (the 8 limbs of yoga). 

Traditionally you would not see asana, the postures of yoga, that we have become so familiar with in the west, being taught in isolation as we do here. Ours is generally more of an exercise class. Which depending on the style of yoga you practice, could be anything from high energy aerobic style to deep relaxation and meditation, to simply a thorough body stretch.

The 8 limbs of yoga - the Ashtanga, are world famous as being the main philosophical basis for yoga as a complete lifestyle practice. You could class it as one of the first Integral practices to be seen in human history (others include the 5 element practices and Qigong of the Chinese).With yoga being such a popular practice in Shrewsbury, we are delighted to have Michelle offering this insight into the deeper practices of Yoga from the Centre.

The course will be broken into 5 distinct parts, all with their own musings and considerations for how bringing them into your daily practice can enhance your life, health (on many levels) and well-being.

Week 1 will look at the 5 Yamas (ethical standards) of Ahimsa (non violence) Satya (truthfulness) Asteya (non stealing) Brahmacharya (continence) & Aparigraha (non-covetesnous)

In week 2, Michelle will introduce the 5 Niyamas (self disciplines) of Saucha (cleanliness) Samtosa (contentment) Tapas (spiritual austerity) Svadhyaya (study of spiritual texts and self study) & Isvara Pranidhana (surrender to God/the divine)

Week 3 will look at the much more widely known, but also revealing Asana & Pranayama (yoga postures and breathing)

In week 4, Michelle will introduce Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) & Dharana (concentration), which are the first steps in creating a traditional meditation practice and contain elements of what people would refer to as mindfulness.

Week 5 will discuss Dhyana (meditation) & Samadhi (enlightenment), which are considered by some to be the only reason why one would do all the other limbs of yoga, as preparation for reaching this point.

Each class will contain chanting, meditation and Pranayama but no Asana practice and there are spaces for 10 yogis on this course, so booking is essential.

This is a philosophy course so there won't be any movement practice in the classes, please bring a notebook and something comfortable to sit on, let us know if you need a chair. The course costs £40 for the 5 weeks and this needs to be paid in full to book your space.

As this goes to print, the course is already half booked and is expected to fully sell out as both the teacher and subject are popular as Michelle's 2 fully subscribed Chakra Activation Yoga classes at the Centre have shown.

To book in please email Michelle at


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