An Introduction to the Grief Recovery Method

An Introduction to the Grief Recovery Method

An Introduction to the Grief Recovery Method

When I sat in the room waiting for the first of Grief Recovery session to begin, you may not be surprised to learn that I felt nervous. Having looked around the room at the other participants, I couldn’t imagine why they were there, because they all looked fine, smiling & exchanging small talk, like they didn’t need any help at all. However as the session started & each of us was invited to introduce ourselves & talk a little about why we were there, I suddenly realised that these people may have wondered the same about me when I was waiting for the session to start, as outwardly I looked fine, only I knew I was anxious and needed the help that was about to follow…….

I, like many, used to believe that you should keep your emotions inside, locked away & they something only to be brought out when you were on your own, so the thought of opening up to a group would not only be something to be avoided, but also quite terrifying. But having put myself in that very situation as part of the Grief Recovery programme, I learnt that it was possible for me to open up & share my inner most thoughts, indeed it actually helped me. It was actually quite a relief to talk & that was made possible because the environment created as part of the programme felt “safe” & I didn’t fear being judged by others.

In opening up & sharing personal information with the group, I started to appreciate the range & depth of the grief there was, as well as how it affects us in different ways, which is something I had never really thought about before, in spite of all the experiences I’d had. That day I was honoured & humbled by what I heard from others & made me appreciate how much we all needed to let go of our pain & hurt. The Grief Recovery Method opens up that pathway to us & give us the opportunity to be free of the pain & suffering that we may have been carrying around for some time


In this introductory session, we will look at the definitions of grief & share a little information about ourselves as well as the reasons for doing the Grief Recovery Method. However in order to do that, we need to create a “safe” environment that will allow us to speak freely & so together we will make commitments to the group to enable this to happen.

In closing the session, I will be handing out a small written task for each member of the group to complete individually. The key to your “recovery” hinges on your willingness to commit to the process and complete this and subsequent tasks which are designed to help you move on beyond your loss. This & the other assignments that follow, involve reading selected chapters of the Grief Recovery Handbook relevant to each session & are designed to take approximately 45-60 minute to complete. At the start & as part of the programme, you will be given a copy of the Handbook to keep & each sheet I hand out will direct you to the relevant parts to read each week.

Whilst I will be able to help you with any questions you might have, ultimately I cannot do this work for you because it is about your experiences & by committing to working through these tasks, it will help you on your journey to recover from your grief.

I look forward to welcoming you on the programme shortly.

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