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Mary Warrilow

Mary Warrilow

Independent Nurse Specialist in Lymphoedema, RN, BSc (Hons), (QN) Bowen Therapist

Specialist management of Lymphoedema, Lipoedema & Chronic Oedema. Offering Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis. Treatments include:-

-Compression Therapies Including Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy and Multi-Layer Bandaging

- Assessment and measurement for Compression Hosiery and garments

-Medical Lymphatic Drainage


-Individual Personalised Plan for self-care

-Exercise Therapy

-Bowen Technique

I am passionate about providing holistic care in the management of Lymphoedema, Chronic Oedema & Lipoedema.

I have been in Nursing since 1982 and have had a varied nursing career in the NHS over the past 36 years. My main professional and Clinical focus over the past 16yrs has been the management of Lymphoedema. I was part of an NHS working group which led to the development of a new local Lymphoedema service in Dudley. I went onto jointly manage this and then jointly founded an Award winning  Social Enterprise, LymphCare UK that provided NHS Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Chronic Oedema Services in the Black Country. As part of this organisation I led on the creation of LymphYoga TM.

I retired from the NHS in 2018 but soon found that I needed to get back into my Lymphoedema & Lipoedema work and now use my clinical skills, knowledge and experience in providing therapy services in Shropshire and Worcestershire.I also continue my voluntary work with the Charity - Lipoedema UK, as one of their Nurse Consultants.

Unfortunately NHS services for these conditions may not always be easily accessible or available and I am determined to address this through raising awareness and providing an independent, comprehensive and holistic Service in locations where there may be current gaps in service provision.

Mary offers the following services:

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Lymphoedema,  Lipoedema and Chronic oedema are long-term conditions that require lifelong management. Early intervention is important to prevent the conditions deteriorating further.


Lymphoedema- is a long-term (chronic) condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues. It can affect any part of the body, but usually develops in the arms or legs. This happens when the lymphatic system is not working properly- this could be because of Primary or Secondary causes.

Lipoedema This condition mostly affects women, although not exclusively. It is a genetic fat disorder that is often mis-diagnosed as obesity or Lymphoedema. The condition presents as a symmetrical abnormal build-up of fat and swelling affecting the lower half of the body -the hips, thighs legs. The waist and upper body is smaller in size and out of proportion to the lower part. Sometimes the arms can also be affected. Usually however, the feet and hands are usually not affected.

Onset is normally around puberty or at other times when the body is going through hormonal changes such as pregnancy and the menopause. The condition can be painful and affect mobility.

Chronic Oedema- There are other types of swelling chronic oedema is an umbrella term for swelling that has not resolved in 12 weeks. Causes can be varied, sometimes leg swelling can be caused by a reduction or lack of mobility, this is known as dependent oedema or gravitational.

I provide a thorough assessment and diagnosis and offer personalised treatments according to needs. Information about on going treatments and self-management is then discussed. The aim is always to improve an individual’s quality of life:


Treatment plans can vary but can be made up of the following:-
  • Advice on skincare
  • Exercise
  • Measurement and provision of a Compression Garment.
  • Compression Bandaging.
  • Medical Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Bowen Technique
  • Additional treatments may be added according to the needs of each client.

I am also a Bowen Therapist and can add this wonderful, gentle remedial therapy as part of a treatment plan.

Appointments can be arranged in clinic or in the home setting for those with mobility problems.

Appointments are also available at The Health and Wellbeing Centre, Mayfair Community Centre, Easthope Road, Church Stretton SY6 6BL

  • Registered Nurse (RN) Qualification
  • BSc (Hons) in Community Health (District Nursing)
  • Qualified Nurse Prescriber  University of Wolverhampton
  • Bowen Technique Therapist European College of Bowen Therapists (ECBS)
  • Leduc Medical Lymphatic Drainage Leduc UK                  
  • Basic Kinesio Taping Course MLD UK                       
  • Stafford University Management of people with mild and uncomplicated oedema and oedema associated with advancing disease.
  • Leading an Empowered Organisation University of Leeds     
  • Smoking Cessation Training Course                                 
  • ENB N18 Management of Leg Ulcers Stafford University      
  • ENB 870  An introduction to the understanding and application of research University of Wolverhampton
  • ENB Tissue Viability University of Wolverhampton                                                                              
  • ENB 998 Teaching and Assessing University of Wolverhampton
  • Awarded Queens Nursing Title by Queens Nursing Institute

Mary commenced her nurse training in 1982. Previous experience is varied and includes working in General Medicine, ENT and Orthopaedics before moving into the Community setting in 1993. Mary qualified as Specialist District Nurse practitioner, BSc (Hons) in 1998. Mary has several ENB Qualifications ie. Research, Tissue Viability, Leg Ulcer management, Management of chronic Oedema in Palliative Care, Teaching and Assessing, and is a Nurse Prescriber.

Community Nursing Experience included managing District Nursing Teams and going on to become a Community Matron in 2005. Mary is a Joint Founder of LymphCare UK, CIC.

Since 2001 Mary has won a number of national Nursing Awards as an individual and as part of a team such as

  • The West Midlands Innovation in Practice Awards
  • The British Journal of Nursing (BJN) Awards 2004
  • BJN Awards in 2012, BLS innovation in practice award 2016.
  • Mary was also awarded The Queens Nurse Title in 2011. More recently LymphYoga has been successful within LymphCare UK and the initiative has been shortlisted for The Nursing Times Team Award 2017.
  • Mary was also a judge for the 2019 British Journal of Nursing Awards for the BJN Chronic Oedema Category and was delighted to be asked to present the award at the prestigious Awards Ceremony in March 2019.
  • In June 2019 Mary was surprised and delighted to hear the news that a clinic suite had been called the Warrilow Suite at LymphCare UKs new clinic.
  • Mary has a passion for the management of Lipoedema, Lymphoedema and associated conditions and in raising the profile nationally, striving to improve access and awareness of the conditions. Mary is proud and delighted to be an advocate for Lipoedema UK and in supporting the charity in a voluntary role as Nurse Consultant.

Mary is a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the British Lymphology Society (BLS)


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Wow! As I left my session with the amazingly knowledgeable Ben Calder I said: I feel lighter! I feel so light because I now know what my body does and does not like. I cannot stop talking to everyone about how amazing Ben is! Everyone should go and see him! What an amazing soul Ben is! Super grateful that our lives crossed

Went there yesterday for my first yoga session. It's a great little place. Didn't know it was there until a few months ago. I also go there often to have a massage which I love!

Had several neuro-energetic kinesiology appointments at the Centre and found the experience to be very beneficial and eye-opening. Would recommend to anyone. 5 star

I highly recommend the Centre for Integral Health. I've been here for multiple sessions with Ben Calder, and honestly, you need to go and experience it for yourself. Friendly, professional and just a generally positive experience all around! The Centre offers such a range of services, I can't wait to try out a few of the other therapies they offer!

Great service from Ben and his team. If you want your aches and pains sorting out or if you feel your life just isn't in balance you really should give Integral Health a try...

Love the Qigong classes Ben runs. Professional, safe and informative. Thanks Ben

I am sure that if it wasnt for your classes, the function in my left bicep would have not come back. Also I would have not been able to recover from my chemotherapy so quickly, I can not thank you enough.

Got an appointment through really quickly. The staff were really friendly and made the procedures and testing easy to understand throughout, step by step. Really pleased with the outcome. Finally got the answers I was looking for and would highly recommend.

I was very impressed by the service from Integral Health. I was contacted and offered an appointment immediately after contacting the centre. Ben Calder gave me excellent advice and managed to sort out my issues in only one session.I would highly recommend this clinic.

I had four Bowen sessions each about three weeks apart, after the first session I felt a notable difference in my posture and in the strength of my spine, strangely I felt taller. By the fourth session I knew that my discomfort had been resolved and I am now able to move much more freely and flexibly without worrying about my back.

Went very well. Was very happy with how friendly and welcoming it all was, and the treatment was at the highest quality.

I would like to thank Wan, for a deep tissue and stone massage, it's an experience that I've never had before, already booked for next week, I would recommend this to anyone, please look at there website as there are numerous things to do within the complex.

Before I had a series of Bowen sessions I had lived with lower back pain and discomfort for over ten years. I chose the Bowen technique as I wanted to be treated by a practitioner who understood that the body is a whole system. The technique itself is not invasive or stressful on the body as the underlying approach is that with the right support, time and gentle encouragement the body can heal.

I used the centre to help training and preparation for a marathon. As well as getting some great advice around technique and training, I was also introduced to Bowen Technique which helped repair a slight hamstring injury and also Kinesiology which allowed me to design a bespoke training diet. Would definitely recommend.