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Edward Arran

Advanced Hypnotherapist (DABCH) (MCAhyp)

People sometimes ask me why I do what I do.  The answer is quite simple.  Many years ago I had some personal problems and I tried everything to fix them but nothing seemed to work. 

Sometimes the change lasted for a few weeks but the old habits always returned.  I didnt understand why, it was frustrating and I felt stuck.

I didnt like the idea of traditional therapy and merely talking about the problem hadnt helped me at all.  I began to look elsewhere and found hypnosis.  

The first time I was hypnotised was quite special to me.  I wasnt sure what to expect, it felt very normal, I wasnt asleep and heard every word the hypnotist said but just felt like I was being guided.  But then things began to change.  I had found a way to change things and it lasted.

More information is also available on my website http://www.edwardarran.com

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I am passionate about showing people how to change things inside their own minds.  The difference I can make to my clients lives is why I do what I do.

Since my training in Advanced Hypnotherapy in 2004 I have continued to develop as a therapist with my own blend of hypnotic techniques and think of myself as a student of hypnosis and how it works.  

A small piece of advice for anyone who is trying to find a hypnotherapist to help them.  The first thing to realise is that every hypnotherapist is different.  Typically hypnotherapy can be very linear, with a generic scripted approach but I believe that every mind is unique and should be treated as such.

Effective hypnotherapy is not about week after week sessions but tailoring sessions, to suit you and help you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Advanced Hypnotherapist (DABCH)

Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (MCAhyp)

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner

Coaching Interactive Accredited Coach (CAIC


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