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Ben Calder

Integral Health Practitioner & Centre Founder

I started working professionally in 2003 as a kinesiologist and have since worked with a diverse range of people, problems and situations. The development of the Integral framework in my practice has allowed me to look at individual situations and challenges in a unique way that accounts for all aspects of a person and how that might be impacting on their health and well-being. This also gives us a much broader scope of possible solutions to each individual scenario. Regardless of the route you take to come and see me, whether it is via Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Allergy Testing, Access Bars, NLP, Qigong; the integral framework will be applied in supporting you and recognising all the possible measures that can be taken to help you reach your desired outcome. 

There is always something that can be done to improve any situation, whether that is a physical adjustment for pain relief, a nutrition change for improved biochemical function, a change in mindset or beliefs to change our perspective on a situation and it's impact on our life. 

What never ceases to amaze me is how important and relevant these small and simple changes can be. So even if your problem seems bigger than you can cope with, be encouraged to make small changes and watch the cumulative benefits begin. After all you are the sum total of all you have and haven't done, so you got to where you are partly because some of what you do doesn't support you and some does. So let's increase the latter and change the former and watch your life change.

You can learn more about my practice and skillset on my website www.bencalder.co.uk where you can also sign up for my health resources membership, an anual fee of £20 to have access to a range of tools to help enhance your health.

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  • Training & Professional Accreditation

I began with an early interest in natural well-being when I was introduced to the benefits of crystal energies and aromatherapy at the age of 15. As my personal interests in these fields continued, I gradually developed a very strong personal belief that there was a very natural harmonic way of balancing and supporting our lives. While looking for a way to resolve my own imbalances, I was introduced to Kinesiology in 1999 and the interests that had been developed were given a very simple and powerful organising structure which brought them all together beautifully.

Using Kinesiology was a big step, creating motivational and passional forces that initiated a change in career and the deeper development of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lifestyle that I had known was possible, but had only been at a minor stage until now.

Qualifying as a Kinesiologist in 2003 allowed me to extend and develop many of my initial interests to an advanced level. I have since then added an extensive amount of training and personal development to give you one of the most comprehesive Integral Health experiences avaialable in the UK today.

I qualified as a Health Kinesiologist in 2003 (Level 5) and extended my training to level 9

I am also qualified in the following:

  • BEd(Hons)

Aromatherapy (Diploma)

Flower Essences (Diploma)

Training in Nutrition, Biotyping & Epigenetics inc:

  • From Memory Loss to Dementia March 2015
  • Protocols Module 2 March 2015
  • Protocols Module 3 April 2015
  • Annual Update January 2016, September 2019
  • Epigenetics & the Human Biome March 2016
  • Epigenetics & the Chemistry of Pain April 2016
  • Seven Ages of Man & Woman July 2016
  • Essential Minerals, Toxic Metals & Radiation July 2016
  • Platinum Practitioners Workshop January 2017, January 2018, January 2019, January 2020
  • Masterclass July 2017
  • Volatile Organic Compounds July 2017
  • The Epigenetic Management of Autoimmune Disorders March 2018
  • Epigenetics v's Genetic Determinism June 2018
  • Essential Nutrition & Functional Biochemistry Module 7 & 8 February 2019
  • Essential Nutrition & Functional Biochemistry Module 9 & 10 March 2019
  • Essential Nutrition & Functional Biochemistry Module 13 & 14 May 2019
  • Optimising your immune system against the COVID-19 virus May 2020

LifeForce Qigong Qualification:

LifeForce Qigong Level 1 Foundation JING 

LifeForce Qigong Level 2 Intermediate QI

LifeForce Qigong Level 4 Advanced SHEN

LifeForce Qigong Level 1 & 2 Teacher Certificate


NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner Certificate

Touch for Health Foundation (TFH 1&2)


Bowen Technique Training:

Bowen Technique Certified Practitioner inc

  • Sports 1 & 2
  • TMJ & Respiritory
  • Kinetics
  • Bowen Technique Explored with Ultrasound
  • McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release 

Quantum Kinesiology

Sekhem Healing level I, II & Advanced

Geopathic Stress and Intrusive Energies Clearing 

Integral Studies - Core Integral Advanced Level

Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma - Distinction

Crystal Therapy ICGT Cert 

Body BioEnergetics

Scott Protocol

Causative Analysis

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

Access Consciousness Body Process Practitioner

Chinese Nutritional Therapy Diploma

And personal study in:

  • Red Flag Assessment with Dr David Laird
  • Introduction to Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Naturopathy
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathy
  • Colour Therapy
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Tree Spirit connection
  • Alexander Technique
  • A detailed study of Allergies
  • Sacred Geometry and other natural energy forms.
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Big Mind Zen Voices


Member of:
GRCCT - General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapy
IPTI - Independent Professional Therapists International
CBS - College of Bowen Studies
APNT - Association of Phycial and Natural Therapists
BCMA - Britich Complementary Medical Association

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I had four Bowen sessions each about three weeks apart, after the first session I felt a notable difference in my posture and in the strength of my spine, strangely I felt taller. By the fourth session I knew that my discomfort had been resolved and I am now able to move much more freely and flexibly without worrying about my back.

Great service from Ben and his team. If you want your aches and pains sorting out or if you feel your life just isn't in balance you really should give Integral Health a try...

I highly recommend the Centre for Integral Health. I've been here for multiple sessions with Ben Calder, and honestly, you need to go and experience it for yourself. Friendly, professional and just a generally positive experience all around! The Centre offers such a range of services, I can't wait to try out a few of the other therapies they offer!

Went very well. Was very happy with how friendly and welcoming it all was, and the treatment was at the highest quality.

Went there yesterday for my first yoga session. It's a great little place. Didn't know it was there until a few months ago. I also go there often to have a massage which I love!

I used the centre to help training and preparation for a marathon. As well as getting some great advice around technique and training, I was also introduced to Bowen Technique which helped repair a slight hamstring injury and also Kinesiology which allowed me to design a bespoke training diet. Would definitely recommend.

Got an appointment through really quickly. The staff were really friendly and made the procedures and testing easy to understand throughout, step by step. Really pleased with the outcome. Finally got the answers I was looking for and would highly recommend.

I've been working with Ben for just over a year now and have found his support incredibly helpful. Most recently, Ben has taught me specific techniques for managing emotional response and staying calm and in control during moments of extreme pressure. Ben's walk and talk sessions are fantastic and I would highly recommend him!

Love the Qigong classes Ben runs. Professional, safe and informative. Thanks Ben

Wow! As I left my session with the amazingly knowledgeable Ben Calder I said: I feel lighter! I feel so light because I now know what my body does and does not like. I cannot stop talking to everyone about how amazing Ben is! Everyone should go and see him! What an amazing soul Ben is! Super grateful that our lives crossed

I am sure that if it wasnt for your classes, the function in my left bicep would have not come back. Also I would have not been able to recover from my chemotherapy so quickly, I can not thank you enough.

Before I had a series of Bowen sessions I had lived with lower back pain and discomfort for over ten years. I chose the Bowen technique as I wanted to be treated by a practitioner who understood that the body is a whole system. The technique itself is not invasive or stressful on the body as the underlying approach is that with the right support, time and gentle encouragement the body can heal.

Had several neuro-energetic kinesiology appointments at the Centre and found the experience to be very beneficial and eye-opening. Would recommend to anyone. 5 star

I was very impressed by the service from Integral Health. I was contacted and offered an appointment immediately after contacting the centre. Ben Calder gave me excellent advice and managed to sort out my issues in only one session.I would highly recommend this clinic.

I would like to thank Wan, for a deep tissue and stone massage, it's an experience that I've never had before, already booked for next week, I would recommend this to anyone, please look at there website as there are numerous things to do within the complex.