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If your life isn't full of ease and joy, look and see what we we can offer you, your family & your business

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Restoring optimum function for Body, Mind, Relationships & Environment

We are here to partner with you on your wellness journey. We'll get you back to living (and enjoying) the life you've worked so hard for.

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Not just an Integral Health Centre

We also offer a wide range of health classes, workshops and training courses

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Meet Our People

Our Team

Ben Calder

Integral Health Practitioner & Centre Founder

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Maria Franklin

Natural Health Practitioner KFRP BSc(Psychology)

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Christina Morgan

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life & Mindfulness Coach & Personal Trainer

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Edward Arran

Advanced Hypnotherapist (DABCH) (MCAhyp)

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News & Tips

Read the latest health news and useful tips written by our therapists.